About Me

IMG_20171104_162725My name is Angela Wakefield. I am a stay-at-home wife and mom, a writer, and a woman devoted all-out to God and spreading His message of love and freedom to the world above all else.

I get the honor of organizing (I use that term loosely) a household for my amazing husband Sam (who you can check out and learn more about, and hear awesome, inspirational things from via Facebook live, at SamWakefield.com), and being Momma to my two beautiful little girls, Aralyn, age 6, and Eloria, age 4. Sam and kidsEvery day is an adventure for our family, and I’m continually learning, growing, and adapting to this exciting role of homemaker and wife in a career-driven world.

I grew up in a small town in the Texas Panhandle, but have since relocated to the Austin Area, and continue to be a Texas girl through and through. I learned how to work hard and take pride in my work ethic by working in my parents’ family-owned restaurant, from as young as I can remember, and wouldn’t trade those life-lessons and character building experiences for anything in the world.

I hold a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences from the Univerisity of North Texas, and as can be expected for a librarian at heart, I love reading and reviewing books of all kinds! I have worked in all sorts of ventures along life’s twisty, turny road, including catering, cake decorating, waiting tables, grant writing, academic librarianship, public library system directorship, retail sales, management, customer service, network marketing, and currently freelance writing, and have found wonderful, fulfilling success in all of them along the way.

family picOnce I stepped out of an active, working role to concentrate on my family and home, I found I have a deep passion for writing and expressing all types of things that pop into my head and spring out of my heart; those include inspirational messages, deep thoughts, not-so-deep (sometimes seriously shallow) thoughts, health and wellness, cooking, internal and external transformation, marketing, personal growth, entertainment, silliness, motherhood, womanhood, neighborhood, spirituality, and self-discovery. Basically, I just like sharing my life with others, building relationships, and experiencing new life lessons every chance I get!

I have lived times of intense happiness and joy during my life, but I have also experienced more than a life-time’s worth of tragedy, grief, loss, and spiritual warfare in the years I’ve been blessed to walk this earth. I have empathy and compassion for all who mourn, kindness for those who feel the world is unkind, and am willing to offer words of comfort and Biblical-based wisdom, to the best of my ability, for any who care to ask or seek them from me. I feel a deep heart-calling to coach and cheer on others to their full potential, in whatever area they may be seeking growth and change.

And thus, this blog was born. . . my prayer is you’ll enjoy being part of this community, laugh with me (or at me if the occasion warrants), pray with me, love with me, grow with me in spirit and in truth, and find value in the words God has afforded me to minister with and deliver to you. But more than anything, I pray that you’ll learn to find value in yourself and the absolutely incredible creation you are in Christ!!!