Beautiful Restoration

He restores every heart that is broken. Wow. What a deeply beautiful thought. I've never considered exactly what that might mean, being restored, until today as I was listening to the amazing worship song “Great Are You Lord” by One Sonic Day. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. He restores. I've always… Continue reading Beautiful Restoration


Oh Perfect Peace

Oh perfect peace! Do you long for it like I do?!? Because, friend, I could seriously use it every day!!! I often find myself consumed with anxiety, in the midst of a panic attack, worried about money, relationships, or child rearing decisions like what school to put my two beautiful daughters in when God has… Continue reading Oh Perfect Peace

Praying to listen

Have you ever had a one sided conversation? Which side were you on? Talking and talking without paying attention or listening to what the other person had to say? Or listening without a moment's pause from the other person to get a word in edgewise? No matter which side of the “conversation” you find yourself… Continue reading Praying to listen

Broken Branches

My daughter, Eloria, who just turned five, is, well, as all five year olds, very curious and in the “why” phase of questioning. A lot of people dread this phase with their children, but personally, I find it fascinating and fun. Children ask questions we've never even considered, and often open our eyes to things… Continue reading Broken Branches