Early Gifts

My kids have been begging me for TWO WEEKS to open one of their Christmas presents early, from the second I put them under the tree. My answer has been a resounding “No way. Not gonna happen. Quit asking.” Remembering back to this exact occurrence in my life with my own mom, I now realize… Continue reading Early Gifts


Great and Unsearchable

Sometimes there are things we simply cannot comprehend in our own power. Existential questions, of the type people often say, “We'll only know when we get to heaven,” or “Only the Lord knows.” I find myself asking those types of questions often, and have asked them for as long as I can remember. I was… Continue reading Great and Unsearchable

Deceptively Fragile

Have you ever encountered something or someone who was deceptively fragile? God revealed this concept to me in a unexpected and interesting way. I had created this beautiful flower arrangement a few weeks ago. I knew it was starting to wilt and fade, because the white roses had taken on an undeniably brown tint around… Continue reading Deceptively Fragile

Popularity Contest

The other day as I was following my kids to school on our morning walk, my oldest daughter was singing a praise and worship song, rather loudly, all the way from the house to the school. I loved hearing her happy, beautiful voice lifting her heartsong to heaven as she bebopped along the sidewalk. She… Continue reading Popularity Contest

Waiting and Strength

Today I'm calling you out… Let's all get SUPER honest with ourselves. How many of us are good at waiting???? Well? I'm waiting to hear your answer...Lol! In all seriousness though, how often do you wait well? Are you good at exercising patience and a calm demeanor while waiting, without anxious thoughts pacing through your… Continue reading Waiting and Strength